How to Stay Smoke Free

The Nicotine Monster Is Cunning And Persistent: You Must Be Wary Until He's Truly Beaten. Here's how to stay smoke free.

Handle the next days in the same way and be ever vigilant for the tricks of the monster.

Remember the monster will try to trick you on three levels - the physical, mental and social.

  • On the physical level the monster will create a range of unpleasant symptoms in your body. These are nowhere as bad as you might fear but can include irritably, depression, restlessness, insomnia, and increased appetite. The cravings can last for up to three weeks but if you're well-prepared, you'll beat them easily. Use your grab bag of weapons to handle these.
  • On the mental level he will whisper "Smoking helps you relax, go on take a puff. There's no need to torture yourself". Tobacco helps you relax briefly only if you're an addict. Once you're free, you can relax anytime without the nicotine fix. Remember all the tension of smoking, sitting through meetings or on a plane and only being able to think "God when can I get a smoke?". That's the kind of relaxation that cigarette smoking offers. Craving for nicotine creates stress, smoking satisfies the craving and so gives the illusion of relaxation. For the next few minutes.
  • On the social level lies the habit factor. In the past, your life revolved around smoking. You hung out with smokers. You went to places where smoking was accepted or at least tolerated. Now, there's going to be a radical shift in lifestyle. It's a good idea to avoid your smoking cronies for a while (or better still persuade them to quit with you). When your comfortable with your new status, you''ll be able to handle any situation with ease.

Read your list of reasons for wanting to quit, remember your triggers, and keep on celebrating your new freedom. You have more money to spend now. Perhaps more importantly you have self-respect.

Start every day by reading your list, breath deeply, and give thanks for your freedom from tobacco addiction.

Soon the years of smoking will seem like a bad dream as you live a clean and healthy smoke free life.


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